Sing Mantras & Kirtan with Alice Radha

Alice Kirtan

Alice Kirtan

Every Friday afternoon, when I am in Málaga we meet for Kirtan. Please find the current dates here. Additional I offer Voice-Opening  & Mantra Singing workshops, private singing lessons and Kirtan in German or Spanisch.

Next events

  • From March to November, Fridays Kirtan in Málaga
  • Summer 2018: Kirtan & Mantra-Workshops at the yoga teacher trainings of IOMFIT, Málaga
  • 12. Mai 2018, Kirtan at the Montessori-School, Málaga
  • 22. Mai 2018, Mantra-Yoga at Grean-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 15. – 22. September, Kirtan during the Alegria Yoga-Holidays, Colmenar
  • 3. November 2018, Mantra-Workshop & Kirtan at Anjali-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 17. November 2018, Mantra-Workshop & Kirtan at Yogistube, Luttum
  • 25. November 2018, Kirtan at Grean-Yoga, Hamburg
Past events


  • 28th April 2018, Mantra-Yoga con Natalia, Cual Esel Momento, Montes de Malaga
  • 6th of April 2018, Kirtan at Karuna, Malaga
  • 4th of February 2018, Kirtan at Anjali-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 16th of December 2017, Kirtan at Yogistube, Luttum
  • 18th of December 2017, Kirtan at Elbinsel-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 10th of December 2017, Yin-Yoga & Mantra-Special at Elbinsel-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 9th of December 2017, Mantras meets Aerial & Kirtan, Bremen
  • 1st of December 2017, Kirtan at Anjali-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 26th of November 2017, Mantra-Singing at Grean-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 4th of November 2017, Mantra-Yoga Class at Comunidad Verde, Malaga
  • 20th of October 2017, Kirtan at Karuna, Malaga
  • 20th of October 2017 Mantras bei “Yoga en la Plaza”, Malaga
  • 7th of October 2017, Mantra Singing Workshop, Iomfit, Malaga
  • 5th of August 2017, Mantras at Yoga in Muelle Uno, Malaga
  • 18th of July 2017 Mantra Yoga Class at Elbinsel Yoga, Hamburg
  • 8th of July 2017, Fullmoon Kirtan at the beach with  La Tribulunera, Málaga
  • 3rd of July 2017, Mantra Yoga Yin-Class with Charo at La Casa de Grund, Málaga
  • 2017 various Kirtan in the yoga teacher training of IOMFIT, Malaga
  • 9th of June 2017, Kirtan at Yoga Sala, Malaga
  • 15th of February 2017, Mantra Yoga Class with Nanni Behgi at Esfera Azul, Málaga
  • 5th of November 2016 Sivananda Yoga Class, Mantra Sing Workshop & Kirtan at Yogakula,  Huelva
  • 2016/07/01, Kirtan in Ek Ong Kar Yoga Studio, Malaga
  • 2016/06/21 Kirtan at the “International Day of Yoga”, Muelle Uno Malaga
  • 2016/04/30 Kirtan at the “Acrofestival Sur”, Granada
  • 2015/05/2 Kirtan at the “Acrofestival Sur”, Jimena de la Frontera
  • 2015/06/21 Kirtan at the “International Day of Yoga”, Muelle Uno Malaga
  • 2014/12/28 Kirtan at the First Acroyoga-Workshop at Yoga Sala, Malaga
  • Once a week at Alice’s Radha Yoga, Mantras & Kirtan in El Palo/Malaga:

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