Who’s Alice

I am german and I studied ten years of piano classes and four years of singing classes in a musical college in Cologne. To acquire an academic education I moved to northern Germany and graduated from cultural studies in Lüneburg, followed by eight years of living and working in Hamburg. Working in the music business as a public relation manager for lifestyle brands opened unexpected doors for me. In my private life, I was once on stage singing with Michael Buble, in business I was travelling to Mauritius to run the Royal Raid or showing the Maldives for journalists, and so much more…

I am grateful for these times, but to be honest, this was not the life I wanted to live.

I have been to New York, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Gran Canaria, all over Europe, Tunisia, Kenya, Mauritius, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Tokyo. I had the chance to see different lifestyles and ways of living.

So at one point in my life I started to ask myself, where do I want live? What do I want to do with my life?  I knew I loved living in a city but even more by the beach. How could combine the best parts of the two?

Until than, Malaga was not more than a yearly summer holiday destination for me.  Now I started to learn Spanish and visit Malaga whenever I could. It took me a couple more years to finally step out of the comfort zone and go where the magic happens. Here in Malaga I found an inspiring yoga teacher and wanted to know more of yoga. She told me the type of yoga she was teaching is Hatha-Yoga Sivananda style, and after an internet research I was sure that this is the path I wanted to take. So, after practicing yoga for about a year, I went directly to India for my 200h Sivananda yoga teacher training. From the Sivananda Swamis I got the spiritual name Radha.

I travelled three months through India, learning about Hinduism and the yogic way of life, followed by one month in Sri Lanka and one month on the local Maldives. It was a journey of personal and spiritual growth. I was ready to share my experience in Hatha- and Bhakti-Yoga with Classes & Kirtan. My freelance job as a tourguide in spain and marocco allowed me to spend more and more free time in andalucia. The personal development continued and I joined a lot of yoga workshops, bhakti camps and festivals ever since. In 2016 I graduated my 300h Advanced Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in India. And in 2017 my 23h Teacher Training with Kidding Around Yoga.

20150920_111059As often as possible I am in my homestay in El Palo, an old fishermen’s neighborhood in Malaga. I offer yoga classes on the roof terrace or at the beach as well as KirtanMantra-Singing Workshops and Retreats all over andalucia.

If you like to read more about my way into yoga, please read my blog Málaga, Mantras and more

Do you like to open your door to a spiritual life? I can help you, if you like. Write me a message for more information:

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