Yoga Class Reviews

Best yoga classes in the whole of Málaga. Beautiful sunny terrace and talented teacher with the ability to always lift your spirits. Can only recommend 🙂 (Sarah)


I was a complete beginner to yoga before I went to Alice’s class. I was nervous but I shouldn’t have been. She explains everything very well and is very patient with people like me who are complete beginners. Classes are small, no more than about 8 people and the amazing thing is the setting. The classes take place on the roof terrace of Alice’s house, in the fresh air with views towards Malaga and no more than 5 minutes from the sea. Sometimes somebody brings some food (vegetarian of course) and everybody eats together after class, which is a nice way to finish off. If you are thinking of trying yoga for the first time, or if you are already an accomplished “yogi”, I can recommend Alice Radha Yoga. (Richard)


I am not one for group exercise per se but Alice’s class has made me rethink that as was so very enjoyable. One summer Sunday I came to my first class with Alice as something for someone new to living in Malaga to do. It was absolutely wonderful to experience yoga outside in the light and fresh air. With Alice’s singing was a truly magical experience coupled with the lovely participants who I then had an impromptu dinner with. I am not very flexible in my body and a beginner. I was really impressed with the care Alice took to ensure it worked for my level too. A truly excellent teacher. I recommend Alice’s yoga class whole heartedly. (Marta)


Even in my daily your words come to my mind “Smile and breath” and it makes me feel good. Thank you for that. (Elena)


We enjoyed your class very much. You adapted very well to our tired Bodys and I loved the way you added humor in the lesson. Thanks again! (Janine after a private group class at the beach)

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