Yoga Retreats & Workshops

I offer Hatha-Yoga-Classes, Mantra-Singing and Voice-Opening Workshops and Kirtan for Yoga Retreats, Studios and Festivals in Andalucia, Spain and Germany. Upcoming events at the costa del sol in englisch:

Monthly Mountain Day Retreat with Yoga, Pottery and Vegan Food
Mountain Yoga Day

Mountain Yoga Day

In 2019 we offer again a vegan, arts and yoga retreat day in the mountains of Malaga, 800m high with breathtaking views to the sea. Side by side with Alfa Tierra Cocida, Pottery y Verita vegetal, plant based food, I will give yoga classes with breathing exercises, asanas, relaxation, mantra singing and meditacion. Every Mountain-Day has a special theme or a guest act. For the next dates and contact to subscribe have a look in the events on facebook.



Meditation at the sea

Meditation at the sea

Customized Yoga Retreat at Alice’s Yoga & Beach Homestay

I have two rooms to rent and place for a maximum of 4 people to stay at Alice’s Yoga & Beach Homestay in El Palo/ Malaga near the beach. Here I offer regular yoga classes on my terrace or at the beach as well as a weekly Kirtan night. For your customized yoga retreat we can arrange a package with private yoga lessons to work on what you want, Singing Workshop with Mantras to open your voice, Vegan Food and guided Meditation. You decide what you like for your customized yoga holidays at the costa del sol, Andalucia.

Please feel free to contact me for more information:

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