What is Mantra Singing & Kirtan?

Kirtan is a great way, at the present time, to meditate. I believe that nowadays it is difficult to meditate in silence. To find peace of mind in singing and then to experience the silence consciously as well, makes a very enjoyable experience. Chanting is a simple way to achieve this feeling. And please remember, it is not about having a beautiful voice, every Body can sing! Here you can see some Kirtan-Videos with lyrics.

Every Body can sing!


Kirtan is singing the name of God with devotion, Bhava love, Prem, and Shraddha faith. It is the easiest and fastest method of God-realization. Music is Nada-Yoga, the yoga of sound. Each sheet of music has its respective channels subtle Nadis. The music offsets these channels in vibrations, it cleans it and brings out the mental and spiritual energy hidden in each piece. Singing has a soothing effect, it is a great way to calm the nerves and to direct the emotions in a positive direction. Through mantra chanting a spiritual force is released from the inner ends of living of our heart. It purifies the mind and the heart. Mantras gives us strength to cope with the difficulties of life. In every word is a force. Listen to mantra music with lyrics here. And if you like to dive deeper how this works, watch the Movie Mantra – Sound into Silence.

Alice Radha


Sanskrit, the oldest human language, is called Devanagari, ”the language of the gods”. It is formed from ancient sounds, the actual vibrations come from the object or action that will be used for the mantra. The repetition of a mantra can gain control of the mind and then experience the silence of meditation.


Kirtan is sung in the “call and response” principle. We start with slow repetitions until the mantra has become easier. Then we increase the tempo and repeat, faster to ecstasy. Next there is a “break” and I sing the mantra again slowly, followed by silence. During the Mantra, the chanting itself helps soothe the mind, it’s like a precursor of the state of meditation. In the silence after, meditation can be experienced.

Where can I sing Mantras and join Kirtan with Alice?

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