Mantra Yoga Class

A mantra yoga class is a wonderful experience for students and teachers. I will accompany the practise with Mantra-Singing and the Harmonium.

The students experience during the Mantra Yoga Class

Through the effects of mantras and music, the student can experience yoga even deeper. The mantras have energies that can be used for the yoga practise in the class. Therefore, there is the possibility to practice the sun salutation with the mantras, to support the pranayama with the harmonium, and to accompany the asanas with thematic mantras. During the relaxation or meditation, the mantras can help to keep the mind calm and to go deeper into the experience of the Union, the yoga. The best combination of Mantras and Yoga is for me the Yin-Practice. By holding the postures even longer and address the fascia, the relaxation can be so much deeper. My students love this unique experience very much and are always looking forward to this special practise.

I am happy to give this yoga class wherever I am. If you have a harmonium in your yoga shala or retrewat, even better. And of course, I am happy to support your class with Mantra-Singing as well.

Creation of a mantra lesson with the yoga instructor

I am happy to create a mantra yoga class and make suggestions for the respective class. To match the theme and / or style of the class we are look for mantras, which accompany and deepen the lessons. As a result, different mantras are suitable for pranayama, asanas or a flow and of course for relaxation and meditation. We get together and develop a mantra-yoga class tailored to your wishes. I will accompany you with my harmonium and voice. Of course there is also the possibility to sing mantras with your students during the class or to continue with a kirtan. I am open to all possibilities and am happy to share this Mantra Yoga Class with you. Just send me an email:

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