Did you know, that Hatha-Yoga came out of Tantra-Yoga?

Nowadays Hatha-Yoga is described as the roots of yoga practice, where health of body and mind are on the focus.

The word “yoga” means “union”. Yoga is a form of exercise based on the belief that the body and breath are intimately connected with the mind. By controlling the breath and holding the body in steady poses or “asanas”, yoga creates harmony.  The exercises, or asanas, are designed to ease tense muscles, to tone up the internal organs, and to improve the flexibility of the body’s joints and ligaments.

Yoga practice consists of five key elements: proper breathing, proper exercise, proper relaxation, proper diet, and positive thinking and meditation. These are called the 5 principles of yoga.

After my first yoga teacher training I went quickly on the way of mantra-yoga. As a musician and yoga-teacher this was the approach that suites me the most. Meanwhile I have my own regular Kirtan in Hamburg, a mantra-yoga-teacher-training as well as many ways to teach harmonium- und ukulele-chords for mantra-chanting.

Mantra meets Tantra

It is a logicial consequence coming from mantra meeting tantra. If you are interested in the traditional path of tantra-yoga for a modern world, please follow me on my english Instagram Account.

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