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Alice Radha

Kirtan takes place in varios places all over the world as I am a travelling Kirtaniya and Yogini. My base is in Hamburg, Germany where I organize a weekly Fridays-Kirtan. I am regularly in Malaga alternating between the Citycenter, my place in El Palo at my Homestay or the Beach for Kirtan. Please find the current dates for Kirtan in the calender and all events with details in Facebook.

Additional I offer Voice-Opening  & Mantra Singing workshops, private singing lessons and Kirtan in German or Spanisch.

Drop me a message if you like me to come to your place and share the beauty of Mantras.


I am staying in Hamburg, Germany for the moment. So please check the german event page for the latest news and events.

SING MANTRAS ONLINE with Alice Radha, on my YouTube-Channel whenever you like.


March in Málaga

April in Málaga

  • 5th and 12th of April: Kirtan at Alice Radha Yoga, Málaga
  • 15th of April: Mantra-Workshop and Kirtan at VIVA LA VIDA TT, Axarquia
  • 19th of April: Kirtan at Openlife, Torremolinos
  • 20th of April: Mantra-Workshop and Kirtan at Alice Radha Yoga
  • 26th of April: Kirtan at Ek Ong Kar, Málaga
  • 27th of April: Kirtan in Marbella

May in Málaga

  • 3rd, 18th and 24th of May: Kirtan at Alice Radha Yoga, Málaga
  • 15th of May: Kirtan at Punto de la Luz, (Closed Yoga-Retreat), Andalusia
  • 18th of May: Mantra-Workshop at Alice Radha Yoga, Málaga
  • 19th of May: Kirtan, Riverheart Retreats, Coin
  • 27th of May: Mini-Kirtan after the Movie “Mantras – Sound into Silence”, Málaga
  • 31st of May: Mantra, Kirtan and Indian Food, Health and Happiness Center, Mijas

June in Andalusia

July in Andalusia

  • 20th of July: Mantra-Workshop at the Alegria Festival, Cártama, Málaga
  • 21st of July: Kirtan at Punto de la Luz, (Closed Yoga-Retreat), Andalusia
  • 27th of July: Beach-Kirtan in El Palo, Málaga

August in Spain

  • Beach-Kirtan in El Palo, Málaga

September in Germany

  • 6th: Kirtan at Alice Radha Yoga, Málaga
  • 14th: Kirtan at Kubatzki Yoga Hotel, St-Peter Ording, Germany

Oktober in Spain and Germany

  • 10th of October: Kirtan at AyurYoma in Sottrum, Germany
  • 18th: Kirtan in  Yoga Centre Flow, Málaga, Spain

November in Spain and Germany

  • 1st of November: Kundalini-Kirtan at Ek Ong Kar, Malaga
  • 8th and 15th of November: Kirtan in Málaga
  • 30th of November: Mantra-Intensiv-Workshop and Kirtan at Anjali-Yoga, Hamburg

December in Germany (tba.)

Past events

  • 16th of December 2017, Kirtan at Yogistube, Luttum
  • 18th of December 2017, Kirtan at Elbinsel-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 10th of December 2017, Yin-Yoga & Mantra-Special at Elbinsel-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 9th of December 2017, Mantras meets Aerial & Kirtan, Bremen
  • 1st of December 2017, Kirtan at Anjali-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 26th of November 2017, Mantra-Singing at Grean-Yoga, Hamburg
  • 4th of November 2017, Mantra-Yoga Class at Comunidad Verde, Malaga
  • 20th of October 2017, Kirtan at Karuna, Malaga
  • 20th of October 2017 Mantras bei “Yoga en la Plaza”, Malaga
  • 7th of October 2017, Mantra Singing Workshop, Iomfit, Malaga
  • 5th of August 2017, Mantras at Yoga in Muelle Uno, Malaga
  • 18th of July 2017 Mantra Yoga Class at Elbinsel Yoga, Hamburg
  • 8th of July 2017, Fullmoon Kirtan at the beach with  La Tribulunera, Málaga
  • 3rd of July 2017, Mantra Yoga Yin-Class with Charo at La Casa de Grund, Málaga
  • 2017 various Kirtan in the yoga teacher training of IOMFIT, Malaga
  • 9th of June 2017, Kirtan at Yoga Sala, Malaga
  • 15th of February 2017, Mantra Yoga Class with Nanni Behgi at Esfera Azul, Málaga
  • 5th of November 2016 Sivananda Yoga Class, Mantra Sing Workshop & Kirtan at Yogakula,  Huelva
  • 2016/07/01, Kirtan in Ek Ong Kar Yoga Studio, Malaga
  • 2016/06/21 Kirtan at the “International Day of Yoga”, Muelle Uno Malaga
  • 2016/04/30 Kirtan at the “Acrofestival Sur”, Granada
  • 2015/05/2 Kirtan at the “Acrofestival Sur”, Jimena de la Frontera
  • 2015/06/21 Kirtan at the “International Day of Yoga”, Muelle Uno Malaga
  • 2014/12/28 Kirtan at the First Acroyoga-Workshop at Yoga Sala, Malaga
  • Once a week at Alice’s Radha Yoga, Mantras & Kirtan in El Palo/Malaga:

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