Spiritual laws from Cologne

Alice Yoga Cologne

Alice Yoga Cologne

Et kölsche Jrundjesetz spiritual

I was born in Cologne and i still feel a deep connection to the way of living and seeing the world, So here comes my English translation of the twelve rules, written down in my hometown dialect with a spiritual interpretation:

  1. Et is, wie et is. – Accept the things like they are.
  2. Et kütt, wie et kütt. – Don’t be afraid of the future, it will come anyway.
  3. Et hätt immer noch jot jejange. – Learn from the past and trust in the process.
  4. Wat fott is, is fott. – Let go of the past. Let it rest in peace.
  5. Et bliev nix wie et wor. – Nothing is more constant than permanent changing. Be always open for new things.
  6. Kenne mer net, bruche mer nit, fott damit. – Be critical with overwelming new things. Be objective and observe them well. Is the new thing always better?
  7. Wat weelste mache. – Accept your destiny. There are things you can not change.
  8. Maachet jot, ääver net ze off. – Don’t be obsessive with nothing. Don`t be dogmatic. Enjoy Life but please take good care of your health.
  9. Wat sull dä Quatsch? – Ask always the universal question. Be aware of what you are thinking, talking and doing.
  10. Drinkste eene met? – Be a good host. Do good to others.
  11. Do laachste Dich kapott. – Have fun. Live Life the fullest.
  12. Mer muss ers mal janix! – Stay calm. Take your time. Tranquilo.

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