private yoga lessons

private yoga lessons

private yoga lessons

A private yoga class is a gift for yourself. This is all about your needs and what you feel like doing that day. A classic Yoga class takes 1.5 hours and starts with a relaxation to heighten presence and awareness. Followed by this are the breathing exercises, Pranayama to prepare your mind for the body movements. The sun salutation, Surya Namaskar warms up your body and prepares you for the holding postures, asanas. Lastly, I will guide you through the final relaxation, Savasana and a small meditation. This is the basic Hatha-Yoga class which I like to customize specially for you. The five principles of yoga serve as a basis for this. You can have a private Yin-Yoga-Class as well, this will deepen your relaxation and go into your fascia as well. Your private lessons are tailor-made and I can support you in your goals through my years of experience as a yoga-teacher. Here are a few concrete suggestions in which I can support you:

  • Relax and switch off from everyday life
  • Adapt the sun-salutation and the Asanas for your body
  • Strengthening or stretching certain body areas
  • Correction or learning of selected Asanas
  • Headstand preparation and practice
  • Meditation techniques with mantras

Just ask what you expect from your private class and I’ll tell you how I can support you. I am currently based in Hamburg, Germany but traveling a lot. So please find my current location on my english Instagram Account.

Private Yoga in Hamburg

I am well experienced in one to one private classes as well as smaller to bigger gros eg. Holiday-Guests, Hen-Partys, Friends-Trip etc. The classes can be given in and around Hamburg. Just contact me and tell me what you need.

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